Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is it a Triangle?

Well its been forever since I have wrote in this blog yet it still hasn't changed the subject. I still like to complain and be sad about life. This one is an interesting one though. So my friend has been "seeing" this girl as well as pursing another girl. Though I didn't like it, I did not question it much nor give him a hard time for it. Recently he told the girl that he was "seeing" that it was over and then told me that as well. So as a guy as i am, I went and pursued her in which i succeeded. In the short time that we were hanging out my friend found out and he told me that it was a good thing since that way he would be able to just focus on the girl that he really wanted to be with. Thus my best friend and I were both happy. He had the girl he was going after and I had the girl that he said quits too. THEN, my friend found out that he had no chance to date the girl that he was going after and that she was going after his best friend that wasn't me. He was having not a great day but I then tried to cheer him up. Over the weekend we went and biked  to go see the girl i was seeing at work and I left him there since he wanted to stay and I wanted to go to bed. I ended up having a gut feeling that something was happening but I try not to be jealous anymore and well the next I found out that he went and kissed her. Now they are seeing each other and here I am out of the question. Am I suppose to be mad at him or just let it go and move on. I just dont know how Im suppose to feel about this at all. I just want to talk to someone about this. :/

Hoping everyone's school year is going great and good luck on the upcoming finals.

Signing out
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