Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is it a Triangle?

Well its been forever since I have wrote in this blog yet it still hasn't changed the subject. I still like to complain and be sad about life. This one is an interesting one though. So my friend has been "seeing" this girl as well as pursing another girl. Though I didn't like it, I did not question it much nor give him a hard time for it. Recently he told the girl that he was "seeing" that it was over and then told me that as well. So as a guy as i am, I went and pursued her in which i succeeded. In the short time that we were hanging out my friend found out and he told me that it was a good thing since that way he would be able to just focus on the girl that he really wanted to be with. Thus my best friend and I were both happy. He had the girl he was going after and I had the girl that he said quits too. THEN, my friend found out that he had no chance to date the girl that he was going after and that she was going after his best friend that wasn't me. He was having not a great day but I then tried to cheer him up. Over the weekend we went and biked  to go see the girl i was seeing at work and I left him there since he wanted to stay and I wanted to go to bed. I ended up having a gut feeling that something was happening but I try not to be jealous anymore and well the next I found out that he went and kissed her. Now they are seeing each other and here I am out of the question. Am I suppose to be mad at him or just let it go and move on. I just dont know how Im suppose to feel about this at all. I just want to talk to someone about this. :/

Hoping everyone's school year is going great and good luck on the upcoming finals.

Signing out

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just A Thought

I'm surprised that anyone even looks at this blog anymore. I haven't posted in so long but that was because I didn't know what to write about but now I've concluded that I will try to write because one of the reason I wrote this blog was to just write about my life.

This summer has been interesting to say the least. It was different than what I had expected. I just don't see many people anymore, most of them are working now. The path that was mentioned many times in high school, the one that would lead you to the "real world" is finally showing itself. Everyone has gone their separate ways. Its hard to imagine that this time next year some people won't even be back for the summer. Their path lies in a new city completely.  When I think about people going their separate ways, will I still be friends with them or will that go with them as well.

They say that one of the main reason we lost friends with someone is because of the lack of communication and because people change. It goes with the saying that your best friend this year could be just another stranger next year. Those people that we really do care about, do we actually show it or do we just hide it and expect them to know? I know for me I'm guilty of just hiding things and now really showing that I really care for my friends a lot. It gets harder to stay friends with someone the less contact you get with them.

Six years or so ago, I met this girl and through our ups and downs we manage to become friends throughout the rest of our high school career. This girl then went a different path than I did after high school. I wonder if I don't occasionally visit, would be remain friends or would we just acquaintances with each other. My freshman year was when I actually started to meet people that I could actually relate to. Freshman year was when I joined the swim team. That year I met these two guys that had very interesting characters to them. Even though they are different in their own ways, we had so much in common from the things we did to the sports that we played. Things were so much easier back then when all we had to do was go to school and pass our classes. Freshman year was the year where we created the "library group." These were the kids that before school hung out at the library. Not only was that significant but the kids from SACS made their way into public school. Freshman year was the year I felt the most "fit" in with a group of friends. Not only did I find guys that were pretty awesome, I met these two ladies that definitely had different personalities. I don't really know how I met this girl, that will always be a mystery, but this girl has this aura that makes me want to do better with myself like obeying road signs to not swearing as much. It weird but this girl made me promise that we would stay best friends even past college. She gave me hope when I was lost. This girl even to this day has helped me with so much and I never really knew how to thank her.

Its those friends that you find early on that help bring that best out of you that truly because your best friends... and yes you can have more than one best friend. Now that college hit, it feels weird that we slowly lose the connection that we had, slowly because but just another stranger in our lives. Even though they leave, you find new friends to "replace" them, to replace that part of yourself that you feel has been lost.

Just a thought till next time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The final two weeks of college. Roughly 20,160 minutes left before summer begins. When i look back on how things have started until now, so much has changed. I became one year older, one year wiser. So much happened in these last eight months. The friendship bonds with the people I cared the most grew stronger than ever before. To the point where the bonds become almost unbreakable. Friendship is the most important part of any life. They are the people that help you get through any day no matter how easy or how hard the days are. When college first started, I had no idea how I would make friends. I was/ am still a shy child. Eventually though somehow I was able to friends that mean a lot to me. Once the friends were found though, college became different. It actually became fun to be at! Now the friends that I made here will be slowly incorporated into the friend group I home that I value the most.

Not only has the friends that I've made changed, but also the setting at home. At the beginning of the year, a few of my friends made a friendly bet on just some things like would be life changing. Looking back on it now, it definitely changed. We were all wrong! Somethings we were glad we got wrong and others we wished would happened differently.

As one door closes another will soon open. Only time will tell what will come in the future.
hoping the best friends I made here are just as awesome as back home


p.s Sorry this blog may not be the greatest.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This post today comes from my phone.  Here I am laying on the ground but that doesnt matter, I was able to see Amber. We decided to take a road trip out to see Jacob out at his college. The three of us today makes me miss the summer and how close we are. We were able to see jacob and connected right away like nothing has changed even though we were 10-11 hours away.

Today I can say that I has the most fun in a long time. It felt nice to be away from everything. Even though we didnt really so much it was nice. I think the thing I love most is just talking and catching up.

It makes you appreciate the friends that you have. In high school the friends that you made were taking for granted. Then those friends soon became your best friends. Even then it felt like things were taking for granted. It wasnt until college that I realized how much my close friends meant to me. Theses are the people that I want to stay friends with forever. While in high school we didnt have to try hard to communicate to each other, but now that im in college its a diffetent story.  Now to stay friends we have to try a little bit and keep in touch with each other. 

I feel like for the most part I have failed on that. Today it has made me realize that maybe I should try reaching out because eventually without contact =loss of friendships that matter.

Trying not to lose friends